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Posted on : 08-Apr-2015

A Tory government will examine plans to give parents maths lessons in schools so that they can help their children with homework.

Posted on : 31-Mar-2015

Schools are using two-tier testing to boost ‘poor’ admissions

Posted on : 26-Mar-2015

A new report has found that English skills are of concern to half of employers, with some reporting that young recruits use text speak rather than full sentences.

Posted on : 22-Mar-2015

Taking one A-level in STEM subjects boosts women’s pay by £4,500 a year

Posted on : 18-Mar-2015

When one of Britain's best-known science writers went to Los Angeles to meet the show's writers for a new book, he found a team dedicated to inserting gags about complex maths problems. And you thought it was just a cartoon…

Posted on : 05-Mar-2015

OECD study suggests school performance could be boosted by parents encouraging girls to consider careers involving subjects such as engineering

Posted on : 27-Feb-2015

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